We care for those loyal pals.


Who are we?

Your Pet's best friend, yours too!

Like wizards in a muggle world, there are certain things that only a pet parent will understand. That's why we decided to listen to all those pet parents.

Taking an off to spend time with your sick pet, finding someone to foster while your away for work, mourning over your departed companion are often considered as trivial/petty issues.They aren't petty anymore. 

PetyThings - For the Pet & the Parent.


What we do

Pet Retailing with a twist!

We dream of a world where pets are not taken for granted & abandoned at will. All our efforts & earnings will have a contribution towards rescuing & making this world a better place for animals.


Treats & Accessories

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm

Sun: With the Fur Babies

Happy Pup

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